Driving Lessons for Teenagers

We offer a state approved program for teenagers ages 15-18. Our professional curriculum and instructors are approved and trained by the state of Texas.

In 16 days students can complete the required 32 hours of classroom.

There are also 7 hours of actual behind-the-wheel driving time and 7 hours of observation required. These driving times are scheduled in seven 2 hour sessions either before or after the daily class session or on weekends.
After the first six hour classroom completion students are generally eligible to obtain their permits.

To receive your permit you will need originals of:

      • Birth certificate
      • Social security card
      •  VOE (Verification of Enrollment) from school


Teen Driver Classes

  • Deposit: $150
  • Ages 15-18
  • Must complete 7 hours of drive time
  • Balance must be paid in full to receive certificate
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